Is your dining room prepared to host the family dinners and cocktail parties that take place throughout year? If not, this dining room cleaning checklist is exactly what you need. 

Celling Fans and Wall Décor 

Wipe down fan blades with a microfiber duster or cloth and make sure to vacuum any fallen dust once you’re finished. If you keep your fan on during the winter, set it so that the blades rotate in a clockwise direction, as this will help make your heating more efficient. Also, if you bring out a ladder when cleaning, don’t forget to have someone spot you! 
And while you have your dusting gear out, go ahead and wipe down decorations, picture frames and any other knickknacks that may maintain full-time residence in your dining room. 

Light Fixtures

The rules of cleaning safety also apply when sprucing up your dining room light fixtures. You should always have a cleaning buddy on hand when standing on step stools, ladders or even chairs. Better safe than sorry, right? 
As anyone who’s redecorated a room knows, there are myriad different types of bulbs and fixtures.

Wood Furniture

Is that dining room table or buffet looking dingy after months of not seeing regular attention? Unless your manufacturer’s instructions state otherwise, the only supplies you need when cleaning wood furniture are water and a microfiber cloth. 
When dusting, simply run the microfiber across the surfaces of the table. If you’re removing sticky residues, dampen the cloth with water and apply light pressure. (Note: Make sure your cloth is damp and not wet or you could create water stains in the wood.) 

Area Rugs and Wood Floors

You want your dining room floors looking great for the dinner guests and holiday party people you’ll be entertaining year. If you have area rugs that need deep cleaning, it’s best to do it sooner than later.


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