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Why Choose Nielsen Property Services For Your Exterior Cleaning Needs?

Fully Vetted Technicians

We know what it takes to hire, train, and keep the best exterior cleaning technicians. We have industry leading pay, great incentives, and an uplifting work environment. We screen nearly 40 applicants for each new hire, and they go through a rigorous process.

We Use The Best Equipment

We have multiple washing rigs equipped with the best exterior cleaning equipment on the market. Many other companies try to cut costs and clean with sub-standard equipment (just a pressure washing machine) that doesn’t fit the job. Our advanced soft washing equipment and detergents allow us to safely clean your home or building without damaging any surfaces.

Cash-Free Payments

Pay securely with a card for your exterior cleaning services. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover. We enter your card information directly into QuickBooks so that it is encrypted and stored safely.

How We Soft Wash Exterior Surfaces

Soft washing is the safer and more effective alternative to pressure washing used by professionals in the exterior cleaning industry.

High pressure from a power washing machine does not actually clean and sanitize any surface and can damage roofs, siding, brick, windows, screens, fences, decks, pavers and even concrete. The only time we use pressure higher than 200psi is to wash raw wood surfaces with our detergents. At this point we will use 500-1000psi to safely remove the old fibers.

Some companies that offer exterior cleaning do nothing but jet blast water onto surfaces causing thousands in damages. These companies or contractors are usually not properly insured, don’t have the correct equipment, and certainly don’t have the training needed to safely clean your property!

Nielsen Property Services has invested in the best exterior cleaning equipment and spent thousands to thoroughly train our staff on the correct methods to identify stains and safely clean or restore any exterior surface without the use of harmful pressure.

How We Identify And Remove Stains

There are stains that require the use of specific, equipment, detergents and cleaning methods. Here are the different stains we encounter on exterior surfaces, what causes them and how we remove them:

Organic Stains

Our standard soft washing packages include organic stain removal. These stains are the common stains you will eventually find on any exterior surface. Organic stains are easily cleaned with our soft washing detergents that include a perfectly dialed in mix of surfactant and sodium hypochlorite. We remove 100% of the organic stains for a clean that lasts up to 5 times longer than pressure washing!

  • Algae, Mold, and Mildew – Molds are fungi that grow on surfaces and aid in the deterioration of building materials. Mold’s role in the environment is to break down dead organic matter such as trees and leaves. Mold reproduces by way of tiny spores that float through the air. For mold and mildew to grow on surfaces, they will need a temperature range between 40 degrees and 100 degrees, nutrients, and moisture. Mold and mildew can cause health concerns as well. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and even potentially toxic substances. One way to minimize growth is to keep plants and trees away from the exterior surfaces to allow good air flow and allow the surfaces to dry.

  • Cyanobacteria – This is a type of algae that does not have decomposing properties. It actually contains chlorophyll which traps the energy from sunlight allowing it to grow anywhere. Cyanobacteria are capable of surviving extreme conditions and have been found in deserts as well as Antarctica.

  • Gloeocapsa Magma – This bacteria appears on many roof tops as black or greenish streaks. It thrives on limestone and calcium carbonate (the structural part of shingles). Moisture is critical, so this bacteria forms a hard surface that retains moisture. This is why these unsightly streaks are usually on the north side of the roof more shielded from the sun or shaded areas under trees. It degrades the shingles over time. Slowing or stopping the deterioration will extend the longevity of the roof.

  • Lichens – Lichens are a combination of two organisms which live together. Most of the lichen is composed of a fungus, but living among the filaments are algal cells, usually from green algae or a cyanobacterium.

  • Moss – Mosses are very small green plants. Typically they consist of a stem not much thicker than a thick hair, densely covered with leaves maybe 1/16 or 1/8 of an inch long. Often moss stems branch and re-branch. Usually many mosses grow together forming a thick green growth that resembles carpet.  Sometimes this growth is no longer than a dime, but other times it may cover areas several feet in diameter. They commonly grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations. They do not have flowers or seeds, and their simple leaves cover the thin wiry stems.

Webs And Nests

Spider webs, cob webs, wasp nests and dauber nests are common here on the Florida Panhandle. We remove these webs and nests with a brush on an extension pole as part of our standard soft washing packages.

Oil & Grease Stains

Pores on concrete and pavers easily seep in oil and grease causing unsightly stains that are difficult to remove. Letting the oil or grease sit for a long time only makes removing these stains more difficult. Our wash technicians at Nielsen Property Services use the best hot water washing equipment and heavy duty detergents but we still can not guarantee to completely remove some oil and grease stains. However, we can certainly lighten them and make these stains less noticeable. We let our heavy duty degreasers dwell on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, a scrub brush is used to gently scrub the stain. Finally, we rinse using steaming hot water at a low pressure.

Rust, Irrigation, And Clay Stains

We can restore surfaces with these mineral stains but it is not included in our standard soft washing packages. These orange and red stains can be safely removed by using our oxalic acid based detergents. We allow our detergents to dwell for the appropriate amount of time while agitating the surface with a brush, then we safely rinse the surface clean with hot water at a low pressure.


In some cases we are able to restore oxidized surfaces but this is not included in our standard soft washing packages. Oxidation is the chemical reaction that often causes chalky residue on surfaces such as siding, metal roofs, fascia, drip edges, and pool enclosures. If a surface is heavily oxidized it may appear streaky or leave a chalky reside on your hand when you wipe it. Keeping exterior surfaces clean will help keep the oxidation from forming however oxidation is inevitable on some surfaces. To remove oxidation, we brush on our heavy duty degreaser based detergents while keeping the surface wet and then thoroughly rinse away the chalky residue with a low pressure.


Efflorescence removal is a restoration service that is not included in our standard soft washing packages. Efflorescence is a white, crystal like or powdery deposit on masonry materials like brick, concrete, etc. caused by water seeping through the substrate. Water carries mineral salts to the surface where it is deposited as the water evaporates. We use our acid based detergents to safely remove these stains by applying to them to the surface and agitating the stained area, then we rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Chewing Gum

Due to the chemical makeup of most chewing gum, and the acidity of the saliva its covered in, chewing gum needs to be be removed as soon as possible. There is a much better chance of concrete developing a stain when gum has been on the surface for an extended period of time and in extreme cases chewing gum can even etch concrete. We remove chewing gum using steaming hot water and a gentle massaging motion with the water spray. When removing chewing gum, the heat does most of the work. While we can easily remove chewing gum, it takes a lot of extra time to remove and is not included in our standard soft washing packages. We will gladly provide you with a quote for chewing gum removal if that is one of your concerns!

Graffiti And Paint Spills

Graffiti and paint spills are unsightly and extremely difficult to remove. Completely removing these stains is possible but not guaranteed and not part of our standard soft washing packages. We will need to do a test spot on the surface before we can set realistic expectations and provide you with an accurate restoration quote. Our technicians apply heavy duty detergents to the graffiti or paint spills to help dissolve the paint. Then, we safely rinse with steaming hot water at a low pressure to avoid etching the surface.

We Protect Your Property While Cleaning

Cover Exterior Outlets, Doorbells, Door Handles & Keyholes

To keep run off water from tripping your breaker, we cover the doorbell and exposed outlets in the area that we are washing with tape and plastic. We also tape door handles and keyholes to keep the detergents from seizing up the locks. We don’t cover video cameras or other outdoor electronics but will carefully brush around them and never spray them directly with detergents or water.

Water Plants and Grass

We saturate all of the plants and grass around the area where we will be spraying our detergents with water throughout the entire cleaning process to protect them from being dried out by our detergents.

We have thousands of satisfied customers here on the FL Panhandle because we use the BEST equipment and take pride in our work. Call 850-400-5966 or fill out the quote form at the top of this page to receive an quick quote for exterior cleaning.


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